How much does it cost?

PoP Catholic School will pay for your Team Number and Program Materials. Each team is responsible for: Regional Tournament fees, the Team Challenge budget ($0 - $200 depending on the challenge), regional or school t-shirts, and the costs of any additional NExT workshops the team attends.

See your estimated costs here.

How do I get my child on a DI team?

The best way to guarantee your child is on a DI team is to start a team! Go to >> School Life >> Academic Clubs >> DI.

Who can be on the team?

Members can be in the same grade or different grades, but the team will compete at the level of the older team member (see the Rules of the Road for more information).

How may people can be on the team?

Teams may have 2 - 7 members. 

Where will the team meet?

Teams can meet either at school or in the team manager's home.  Team parents and the team manager will work together to decide on the location and meeting frequency.

Who will run the team?

Teams are parent led.  The NExT region offers a comprehensive training program to teach and guide you and your team through the DI season.  The person who leads a Destination Imagination team is called a Team Manager. Team managers must submit a background check through school. Visit our regional calendar to view upcoming events and sign up today!

How much time does this take?

The time commitment varies widely by team age, experience level, and dedication. Teams choose when and where they meet.  Most teams meet once a week early in the season, and add extra meetings as the tournament approaches.  School holidays are a great time for teams to meet and get a lot of work done on a Challenge Solution.  

How do I get a Team Number and Program Materials?

The school will purchase these for teams, and give you your Team Number. Team Managers use the Team Number to access digital copies. Find out how to get your digital copies here.

How do I register for the tournament?

After you have your Team Number and Program Materials, you'll need to register for the Regional Tournament. Click on these links to find out how Prince of Peace Catholic teams can register for the Tournament.

Find step by step registration instructions and tutorials here. Choose Option B.

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Contact Jen Dutra ( to learn more about DI at Prince of Peace Catholic.

Having trouble signing up?

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