Affiliate and Region Tournament Restrictions

Texas DI has permanently adopted the following site restrictions for the Affiliate Tournament. The following are NOT ALLOWED at the NExT Region or the Affiliate Tournament, during performances, or at the Award Ceremony:

  • dry ice

  • helium

  • live animals

  • fog machines

  • gratuitous violence

  • party poppers, confetti

  • aerosol propelled paint

  • air rifles, BB guns, paint guns

  • sparklers, flame, fire, smoke, smoke machines

  • lasers, laser pointers

  • Weapons: Follow Rules of the Road, page 23, section H. Safety Guidelines and Restrictions, item 15.

There will be NO DIMMING OR TURNING OFF OF LIGHTS by the team, unless otherwise specified by their challenge.

Additional Safety Guidelines and Restrictions

Check these places first:

  • The Challenge

  • Published Clarifications

  • The Rules of the Road, including, but limited to:

    • All team members must wear shoes or foot coverings with reasonably impenetrable soles at all times.

    • Your team may not spread powders, such as talcum powder, baby powder, cornstarch, etc., on any tournament site floor.