Who can choose the Rising Stars! Challenge?

All team members must be in preK-2nd grade in order for the team to choose the Rising Stars! Challenge. If any student on the team is in 3rd grade or higher, the team must choose a competitive Challenge.

Should a K-2nd grade team do a competitive Challenge instead of Rising Stars?

Here are our guidelines:

  • First-year teams: We recommend that all first year teams in preK-2nd grade participate in Rising Stars. The first year of DI has a big learning curve for adults and students. The Rising Stars program is an excellent introduction to the DI program. Participating in the Rising Stars program for at least one year often leads to a more enjoyable experience over all.

  • Second-year teams: We recommend that teams with 1st graders continue to participate in the Rising Stars program, and they should build on their previous experience. If the team is made up of 2nd graders who have participated in Rising Stars for one year, they may be ready to participate in a competitive Challenge. The choice is ultimately up to the team members.

  • Third-year teams: These teams are often ready to try a competitive Challenge, but the choice is completely up to the team members.

  • Let the team decide. Ultimately it is up to the team members to decide what Challenge they wish to solve. If a 1st or 2nd grade team is adamant that they want to participate in a competitive Challenge, they should do so. However, the adults should never pressure the team into participating in a competitive Challenge if they qualify for the Rising Stars Challenge.

Can a team change the Challenge that they want to solve?

Yes, prior to the January 5th registration deadline teams can choose a new Challenge at any time. Between January 6th and the Regional Tournament, teams must have permission from the Tournament Director.

Please note: Teams who change from the Rising Stars Challenge to a competitive Challenge must purchase a new team number for their competitive team.

How does a team Choose which Challenge to solve?

Checkout this great blog post for helping your team decide on a Challenge.