2019 NExT Tournament Results

Texas DI will continue the Bonus Team program to allow more teams to participate in the Affiliate Tournament in Corpus Christi, TX.  Bonus teams will be selected from regional teams across the state who came close to qualifying but did not quite make it.  Invitations will be issued in early March, and must by accepted promptly.  So if your team almost qualified for advancement to the Affiliate Tournament, and you’ll still like to go, hang onto your sets, props, and costumes – AND your creativity.  Maybe you will get a phone call or e-mail in early March! 

Click here for a full printable list of tournament results, or view them by challenge below.


On Target Results

18-19 Challenge Logo TECHNICAL-On Target CMYK-01.jpg


Medical Mystery Results

18-19 Challenge Logo SCIENTIFIC-Medical Mystery CMYK.jpg


Game On Results

18-19 Challenge Logo FINE ARTS-Game On CMYK-01.jpg

Improvisational Challenge

Head’s Up Results

Engineering Challenge

Monster Effects Results

18-19 Challenge Logo ENGINEERING-Monster Effects CMYK-01.jpg

Service Learning Challenge

Escape Artists Results

18-19 Challenge Logo SERVICE LEARNING-Escape Artists CMYK-01.jpg