No printed program will be available on Tournament Day.

Please print or otherwise save necessary information.

School Partners

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February 17th

Centennial High School

6901 Coit Rd, Frisco, TX 75035

Sponsors & Supporters

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Quick Facts

Anyone can watch any Team Challenge performance - grandparents, teachers, friends, other teams, etc.!

Only the Team Manager (or Assistant Team Manager) can accompany the team to the Instant Challenge.

Cell service may be spotty. We recommend having necessary information printed or saved offline.



Parking can be challenging and can take up to 30 minutes during busy times.

There are 4 parking locations assigned for the tournament. Click the map (to the left) for the locations.  The areas are numbered in the order of proximity to the main entrance. Please follow this order:


Click the Image to Enlarge the Map

  • The closest parking to the tournament registration/check-in is the west side parking lot by the tennis courts which is assigned as number 1.
  • If this is full, please check parking area 2, the south parking lot. 
  • If these parking lots are also full, the Lawler Middle School (which is right across from Centennial High School on the southeast corner of Coit and Rolater) should be used for parking. Please exercise caution while crossing the road with the children if using the aforementioned parking lot. 
  • Once the Lawler Middle School lot is full, the Sam Carter Service Center on 12025 Rolater Road should be used. 

Any trailers or U-Haul trucks should use the East Entrance on the Coit Road side if only loading off the props. Please use the rear side of Lawler Middle School to park the trailer, U-Haul, etc...

Rising Stars Supporters: Rising Stars will perform in the Northeast corner of the building. The East entrance is the closest entrance.


Finding a Performance

You will need to know:

  • Challenge Name (i.e., Maze Craze, Drop Zone, Friends Everywhere, etc.) - This is CRITICAL!
  • Room designation (i.e., Rising Stars - D, Scientific Elementary - I, etc.) See the schedule.
  • Team Manager Last Name
  • School
  • Follow color-coded signs to the appropriate Challenge area.

No one will be allowed to enter the room once the performance begins. Guests should allow extra time for parking and locating the correct room. With about 240 teams, it's a very crowded event.


Map of the School

Click to Enlarge Floor Plan




Network: Frisco-ISD

Password: guidance4thefuture

Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies will be held in the Competition Gym

Rising Stars teams will attend the Award Celebration that is after both their Team Challenge and Instant Challenge: 11am, 1pm, or 4pm. Doors will open 15 minutes prior to the celebration.

Competitive Award Ceremony is at 7:30pm. Doors open at 7pm. Teams and their Team Managers will be seated on the gym floor. Guests will be seated in the bleachers.

Special Awards

Competitive teams are eligible for special awards:

Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award (Spirit of DI Award): This award is given in recognition of those who act as superior role models in the areas of spirit, teamwork, sportsmanship or volunteerism.

Renaissance Award: This award is given for outstanding skill in the areas of design, engineering, execution or performance.

DaVinci Award: This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking and/or for outstanding creativity (not skill or talent).


Advancing to the Affiliate Tournament

The top teams from the competitive challenges will advance to the Affiliate Tournament in Mansfield, Texas April 6-7.

The top teams will receive a note with details about a virtual Going to State meeting on Sunday, February 18th.

Texas DI will continue the Bonus Team program to allow more teams to participate in the Affiliate Tournament. Bonus teams will be selected from regional teams across the state who came close to qualifying but did not quite make it. Invitations will be issued in early March, and must by accepted promptly.


Project Graduation

Join us at the evening Award Ceremony as we honor our High School graduates and announce the winners of the NExT Region Scholarship.

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DIme Store

2018 Commemorative Pins, Hats, T-Shirts, etc., will be available at the Dime Store for purchase, along with other fun items. New this year - "The NExT Region Gives Back," where a portion of the purchase from each set of pins will be donated to a wildlife conservation charity.

Be sure to check out the Raffles. And take a chance at a Grab Bag.

Many thanks to our own Junior Board for sponsoring the DIme Store and sponsoring "The NExT Region Gives Back" initiative.



It takes a team.

The Tournament is not possible without the generous support of more than 350 volunteers! Special thanks to the Independence High School Key Club members.

NExT Region Board

  • Regional Directors: John Stromp, Anne Marie Vetal,    Alan Vetal
  • Treasurer: Jared Guidry
  • Secretary: Amanda Stromp
  • Regional Training Director: Shannon Kennedy
  • Tournament Director: Bala Palaniswamy
  • Webmaster: Rachel Sullivan
  • Printer: Radhika Tatineni
  • Junior Board Mentor: Shannon Kennedy
  • Hospitality: Becky Buehner
  • Registration/Appraiser Coordinator: Shannon Kennedy

Regional Challenge Masters and Board Members

  • Technical: Anju Bisht
  • Scientific: Amanda Stromp, Jamie Kuminski
  • Fine Arts: Jordan Johnson, Allison Malik
  • Improv: Dany Fleming, Sherri Riskind
  • Engineering: Radhika Tatineni
  • Service Learning: Jared Guidry, Jennifer Guidry, Sunita Patel
  • Rising Stars: Charlotte Taylor, Kelley Thomas, Bridget Joyce
  • Instant Challenge: Nikhil Dhoble, Diane Funkhouser, John Stromp
  • Score Room: Alan Vetal, Dave Tysver

Board Members: Mahesh Bhagavatula -- Lori Brooks -- Lorin Riskind -- Anand Sahu -- Ann Scheurer -- Rachel Sosinski -- Tia Sukenik -- Stacy Swierenga -- Alissa Tudor

Junior Board Logo - standard-01.png

Junior Board

A big thanks goes out to the NExT Region Junior Board members. These high school students are former or current DI participants who give back to our organization by volunteering in numerous ways. They develop our shirt and pins designs, working with local vendors. The Junior Board designed a new legacy pin this year, and is sponsoring "The NExT Region Gives Back," where a portion of the purchase from each set of pins will be donated to a wildlife conservation charity. The Junior Board also runs the DIme Store - start to finish. And our Junior Board members volunteer at DI events throughout the year. What an exceptional group! Find more info here.


NExT Year's Challenges

It's never too early to start thinking creatively for the next season of Destination Imagination (DI).

Are you ready for a sneak peek at what's around the corner in 2018-19? From designing an aircraft to exploring medical mysteries to bringing a game to life live on stage, we will have seven new and exciting Team Challenges designed to help students tap into their creativity, learn how to work in teams, problem solve and have fun! Check out the 2018-19 Challenge Overviews here.


Lost and found is located at the Main Check-In table in the cafeteria.


A message from the participants regarding the Rules of Interference:

We Can Do It!


You may not fix our hair, put on our makeup, repair our props, direct our production, or do anything that might be considered Interference.

Let us show you what we can do.


A school nurse is available in the school's front office.

Restricted Items

Not allowed:

  • dry ice
  • helium
  • latex
  • live animals
  • gratuitous violence
  • party poppers, confetti
  • aerosol propelled paint
  • air rifles, BB guns, paint guns
  • sparklers, flame, fire, smoke, smoke machines
  • lasers, laser pointers


Special thanks to

FISD's Dana Reid, Elizabeth Evans, Michelle Arellano, and the many Campus Coordinators

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Leadership Prep School's Audra Floyd, Susie Blankenship, Tori Sdao, and Hope Angell

Rachel Sosinksi from Prince of Peace Christian School

Natalie Villarreal of Centennial HS

thank you1.png

Thanks to all of the Team Managers, teachers, school sponsors, campus coordinators, volunteers, and parents who helped make this DI season possible for more than 1,000 students.

Without your countless hours of support, we wouldn't be here today!

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