The NExT Region is starting a new tradition!

    Graduating Seniors are encouraged to submit a video highlighting their DI experiences, and will be honored at the award ceremony.

    Please consider participating, if you are:

    • a high school senior competing in the current season of DI in the NExT Region


    • a high school senior actively participating on the NExT JR Board

    Participating is easy. Here's what you'll need to do:

    PART 1 - Deadline Wednesday, January 24th


    STEP 1

    Make a one minute video of yourself answering three questions (in order, please):

    • How has DI impacted who you are or your life?
    • What is your favorite DI memory?
    • How do you think DI will help you in the future?

    STEP 3

    orange monster.jpg

    Gather up to three digital photos of you during your DI journey. Or, as part of the three photos, you can include one current photo of yourself instead.  (Photos would be super, but aren't required.)

    STEP 2


    Upload the video to YouTube and make sure the video is set to public.


    STEP 4

    googloe form.png

    Complete this submission form. Along with a link to your video, you'll be asked to provide your name, email address, and whether or not you're currently on a team. You'll also be able to submit your photos.

    PART 2



    Make your own DI-style graduation cap and wear it to the Award Ceremony on February 17th.