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Texas Xtreme Challenge


For Middle and Secondary Level Teams



Think of it as a Texas-sized Instant Challenge. Teams do not know anything about the Challenge in advance. Their supervised preparation time is usually about an hour. Then teams perform their solution in front of an audience and Appraisers.



Saturday, February 8th at Prince of Peace Catholic School
Saturday, February 29th at John Paul II High School

Teams choose which date they’d like to meet their Challenge!



Because it’s SUPER fun!



Team Formation

  • The Xtreme team can have the same members as a team competing in a competitive Challenge.

  • However, the Xtreme team does not need to have the same members as those who may be solving a competitive Challenge.

  • In fact, the Xtreme team does not need to be competing in another competitive Challenge at all.

  • Mix up the team all you want, except…

  • Students can only compete on one Xtreme team.


  • Teams do not buy a Team Number from DII to participate in Texas Xtreme.

  • However, teams do register for this tournament event through Texas DI (register.txdi.org), pay the regular Tournament Registration Fee ($125), and provide a volunteer/appraiser.

  • Register by completing Step 3 of the Registration Process found here.


  • Results are announced during the Award Ceremony at the NExT Regional Tournament.

  • Top-scoring teams advance to the Affiliate (State) Tournament. This is not a DII Challenge and teams do not advance to Globals.