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Team Manager Training

Team Manager Training


We strongly suggest that new Team Managers attend an Orientation session prior to this training. Click here to learn more about Team Manager training.

Rising Stars or competitive? How to decide?

To learn more about the Challenges click here.

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Team Manager Training 2017-01.png

Additional Info

The first 90 minutes:

  • Two concurrent sessions - one for new and one for experienced Team Managers

    • New Team Manager session covers how to hold a meeting, how to manage parents, examples of interference, general strategies for Instant Challenge, and expanded information about available resources.

    • Experienced Team Manager session covers Program changes for the current season, changes in the Rules of the Road, advanced managing techniques, advanced strategies for Instant Challenge, the struggle between Creativity and Interference, "taking it to the next level," and expanded information on available resources. 

The last hour:

  • Challenge-specific training. Team Managers will CHOOSE ONE Challenge to learn more about.