Team Workshops

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Winter Workshop

Super Saturday

Instant Challenge Scrimmage


Usually the first Saturday in December

Usually the third Saturday in January

Usually the first Saturday in February



Rising Stars Teams 8:30-12pm

Competitive Teams 1:00-4:30pm


Rising Stars Teams 8:30-11:00am

Competitive Teams 11:30am-4pm

Teams are scheduled between 8am and 4pm

see the Additional Details section (below) for more details

Rising Stars or Competitive?



Best for Competitive, but Rising Stars are also welcome


Teams attend classes on a variety of topics that will help them tackle Destination Imagination Challenges.

This workshop focuses on Instant Challenge and Acting/Improv. It builds on the Instant Challenge information introduced at the Winter Workshop.

Teams perform two Instant Challenges using procedures very similar to the tournament procedures described in Rules of the Road.

Additional Details

Rising Stars Teams: Teams attend 4 classes: Performance Skills, Script-writing & Storytelling, Instant Challenge, and Pop Up Engineering.

Competitive Teams: Teams attend 4 classes: Performance Skills, Script-writing & Storytelling, Instant Challenge, and a Team Challenge specific class.

Team solve multiple Instant Challenges (Performance, Task, and Hybrid) and learn more about Acting/Improv skills needed for Instant Challenge.


Teams perform Instant Challenges and observe other teams performing Instant Challenges.

Teams do back-to-back Instant Challenges (15 minutes each) and then are free to leave the school. Total time at the school will be 45 minutes.

At a 4pm awards ceremony, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards are given for each level.


Teams attend classes where they learn skills. They may choose to use these skills to solve their Challenge.


Classes also provide an introduction to Instant Challenge for new teams and practice time for experienced teams.

This workshop builds on the Instant Challenge experience from Winter Workshop.


Watching other teams solve the same Instant Challenge provides insight into what strategies work and don’t work.


This workshop builds on the Instant Challenge experiences from the previous two workshops.


This event is set up to closely replicate what the Instant Challenge experience will be like at the tournament.



Rising Stars Teams
$15 per attendee
(children AND adults)

Competitive Teams
$15 per attendee
(children AND adults)

Rising Stars Teams
$50 per team

Competitive Teams
$60 per team

All Teams
$60 per team


Additional Requirements


Each team MUST supply one responsible high school student or adult volunteer.* Experienced volunteers are usually paired with new volunteers.

(Please scroll to the bottom of the page for more about this.)



An adult must stay with the team at all times.

No individual registrations - please register as a team.

A partial team can attend even if some of its members cannot be there.


An Adult must stay with the team at all times.

In addition to Team Managers and Assistant Team Managers, up to 4 parents may accompany a team for a maximum of 7 adults per team. 

All chaperoning adults are expected to monitor their own team's behavior during the event.  Chaperones need to be quiet and respectful while volunteers are giving instructions and teams are working to solve their challenge. This means no chatting or talking on phones while a session is in progress.

Teams arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time.

At the Award Ceremony teams are given their score sheets, appraiser feedback, and a ranking relative to all of the other teams performing those Instant Challenges.  

The Awards ceremony will last 30-45 minutes.



*More about the Super Saturday volunteer requirement.

Responsibilities include:

  • arrive one hour prior to the session start time to be trained

  • help facilitate the challenges

  • help with crowd control

  • review a (provided) handout with teams about the type of challenges they’ll be solving

  • read the instant challenges to the teams

  • go over a reflection handout with the teams after the challenges are completed

  • Super Saturday Challenge Masters (experts) are on site to train team-provided volunteers and assist as needed