NEXT 2018 Special Awards


Award Descriptions


DaVinci Award

This award is offered for exceptional creativity (not skill or talent), a unique approach to the problem, and/or risk taking.

Renaissance Award

This award is offered for exceptional skill in the areas of engineering, design, or performance.

Spirit of Discovery & Imagination Award (Spirit of DI)

This award is offered for exceptional Spirit, Teamwork, Volunteerism, and Sportsmanship.

Torchbearer Award (for Project Outreach)

This award honors teams and/or individuals whose solutions have had extraordinary impact in and beyond the local community.

Isbell Elementary – Peculiar Perfectionists

Frisco ISD



Technical - Elementary Level

This team demonstrated outstanding creativity with their elaborate 3D crocodile mouth and exquisite costumes.  They also clearly communicated a truly engaging story.


Smith Elementary - Awesm Posse

Frisco ISD



Scientific - Elementary Level

The team demonstrated outstanding creativity in their amazing concept of displaying the 3 sides inside a refrigerator.  They utilized unique recycled items for props and costumes.


Prince of Peace Catholic – Dynamic Dynamite



Engineering - Elementary Level

This team’s props, costumes, and story were woven together seamlessly.  Their amazing headgear was both elaborate and eloquently simple. 


Vaughn Elementary – Mighty Eagles

Frisco ISD



Engineering - Elementary Level

This award was given for outstanding creativity in Instant Challenge.


Spirit of DIscovery and Imagination



Comstock Elementary - Da Rocket Dragons

Frisco ISD



Technical - Elementary Level

This team showed an exceptional amount of insight, sportsmanship, and teamwork when explaining the way they developed the good guy/bad guy aspect of their story.   


Borchardt Elementary

Frisco ISD



Scientific - Elementary Level

This award was for exceptional spirit and teamwork in Instant Challenge.


Prince of Peace Christian – Eagle POPs



Change of Tune - Elementary Level

This award is given for selfless sacrifice and unique use of lipstick when a team was forced to modify their backdrop at the last minute.

Hosp Elementary – Lightning Inventors

Frisco ISD



Technical - Elementary Level

This team demonstrated creative solutions which involved a high level of scientific and technical skill. Their traveler was automated on a cable, and they used hydraulics for their object removal with flawless execution.  They also displayed unique uses of materials.


Anderson Elementary – The All Stars

Frisco ISD



Scientific - Elementary Level

The team showed exceptional engineering and design in building a working roller coaster. The team started by building a prototype first, fixing the errors, and rebuilding.  The team didn’t panic when one of the props didn’t work, and improvised around the issue.


St Mark and Martha Hunt – 6 S’s



Change of Tune - Elementary Level

This team created a pop-up book of epic proportions.  The first page wowed us with their light up design, and each new page was a wonder of artwork revealed.  From scenes of nature to alien planets, this backdrop truly had it all!


Reedy High School – Dusty Tesseracts of Llamacorns

Frisco ISD



Change of Tune - Secondary Level

The members of this team created two amazing props.  One used old-school pen and paper with over 200 hand sketched drawings.  The other was a life-like puppet complete with blinking eyes, a moving beak, and tons of personality.


McSpedden Elementary

Frisco ISD



Improvisational - Elementary Level

This award was given for outstanding performance in Instant Challenge.


Vandeventer Middle School

Frisco ISD



Drop Zone - Middle Level

This award was given for exceptional skill in set design. This team's stage set up was truly outstanding.  The realism and attention to details were extraordinary!  


Beverly Elementary – Team Bubbles

Plano ISD



Project Outreach - Middle Level

Team Bubbles wowed us with multiple transformations of their cache that involved multiple moving pieces and artistic elements.  The infographics were exceptionally well-designed, including 3-D elements.  They even created original music for guitar and drum, plus original lyrics. Their performance had it all!


Lowery Freshman Center – Battlestar Sarcastica

Allen ISD



Project Outreach - Secondary Level

This team’s unexpected transformation of their cache from a cell phone and apps into a car showed exceptional creativity and design.  Finishing off the effect was the reveal of amazing original artwork in place of their app icons.



Skaggs Elementary – Fabulous 4

Plano ISD



The Fabulous 4 had an extraordinary impact on local, state, and global communities through their tireless giving of books, backpacks, peanut butter, and service to Hurricane Harvey victims, children’s hospitals & libraries.