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For Teams Choosing a Competitive Challenge


Preview the Challenges

Buy a Team Number, Get Digital Materials

Make a Final Challenge Choice, Get Printed Materials

First, preview the Challenges with your team.

Click here for video previews of this year's Challenges!

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For even more details check out the First Look Document* This includes extended Team Challenge information where you learn more about the specifics for each competitive Challenge, including the themes, basic requirements, and learning outcomes.

The team should decide which Challenge they'd like to solve. Remember that all Challenges have opportunities for including technical elements, theater arts, and Team Choice Elements.

For more help, try the tips in this blog post.

Next, purchase a Team Number at (See our registration page for more details.)

Once you've purchased a Team Number, Team Managers can log in to the Resource Area to review the digital versions of the Team Challenges by selecting the Challenge and the team’s competition level.

Teams may change their selection and review a different Challenge at any time (and as many times as necessary) to make a final Challenge selection.

In addition, purchasers will gain immediate digital access to Rules of the Road, the Roadmap, and online training materials.

  Quick Start Guide  and 1 Team Challenge   Roadmap  and  Rules of the Road  Books   

Finally, once a team has decided on their preferred Challenge, the Team Manager selects the final Challenge in the Resource Area.

The final Challenge selected must be the one that the team plans to compete in at the Regional Tournament.**

*The information provided in this First Look document is a synopsis of each Challenge and is designed to help your team make a decision on which Challenge you would like to solve. Your team MUST download and read the full Challenge and Rules of the Road in the Resource Area in order to solve the Challenge. Your team is strongly encouraged to read and use Roadmap as you create your Challenge solution.

**The Challenge declared will be the one reported to the Region for tournament preparation. The Team Manager must be sure that the final Challenge selected is the one the team actually plans to solve for the purpose of competing in the Regional tournament. The Challenge must be selected when registering for the Regional tournament and cannot be changed after january 5th.