How much does it cost?

FISD teams are individually responsible for cost of program materials, registration and tournament fees, and travel expenses.

See estimated costs here.

How do I get my child on a DI team?

Ask your campus coordinator if there is already a program at your school. Please reference the chart on this page to find your campus coordinator. If you don't see your school on the list, contact your principal or Quest teacher to find out who the campus coordinator is.

If your school doesn't have a DI program yet, consider hosting an awareness meeting and inviting parents and students to come learn more about Destination Imagination.  The best way to guarantee your child is on a DI team is to start a team!

Does my child need to be in QUEST to do DI?

No! Though Destination Imagination is excellent enrichment for Gifted and Talented students, students of varying ability levels and talents participate, grow, and succeed in the program.  In Frisco ISD, Destination Imagination is open to any current Frisco student. 

How may people can be on the team?

Teams may have 2 - 7 members. 

Who can be on the team?

Teams can have students from multiple FISD schools. Members can be in the same grade or different grades, but teams will compete at the level of the oldest team member (see the Rules of the Road for more information). All team members do not have be current Frisco ISD students. If non-FISD students are also on the team, please register the District/School as "Independent."

Who will run the team?

In Frisco, Destination Imagination teams are parent led.  The NExT region offers a comprehensive training program to teach and guide you and your team through the DI season.  The person who leads a Destination Imagination team is called a Team Manager.

What are the FISD requirements to manage a team? 

Team Managers must submit a FISD background check through their child's campus.  Even though most DI teams meet off campus, the teams are affiliated with their FISD school.  

Where will the team meet?

In Frisco, teams meet outside of school.  Because teams only have 2-7 members, teams usually meet in homes.  Team parents and the team manager will work together to decide on the location and meeting frequency.

How much time does this take?

The time commitment varies widely by team age, experience level, and dedication. Team choose when and where they meet.  Most teams meet once a week early in the season, and add extra meetings as the tournament approaches.  School holidays are a great time for teams to meet and get a lot of work done on a Challenge Solution.  

How do I Register a team?

Follow the registration steps here.

Then what?

Be sure and let your Campus Coordinator know that you have a team participating in DI.

Awareness meetings are open to all Frisco ISD students! To request a school awareness meeting, contact your campus coordinator.

A campus coordinator (usually the QUEST teacher at your school) is your go-to person for information about Destination Imagination at your school.  They will help you schedule or plug into an awareness meeting, answer questions, and may help with team formation at your school.  Though they do not usually manage teams, they are your first stop in the team formation process.

Don't see your school listed below? Contact your principal, your school's QUEST teacher or Elizabeth Evans (the official Frisco ISD DI contact) at

Campus Coordinator Email
Allen Holly Burdorf
Anderson Elementary Keley Wilton
Boals Elementary Tanna Vaughan
Borchardt Elizabeth Evans
Bright Marissa Bunn
Clark Marshella Maricle
Comstock  ES Staci Borynack
Curtsinger Jessica Rex
Fisher Elementary Meredith McBrayer
Fowler Rene Madden
Gunstream Elementary Heather Gunn
Hosp Wendy Tamney
Isbell Elementary Kelly Head
Liscano Elementary Renee McClure
Maus Brittany Madden
McSpedden Elementary School Kelsey Shaw
Nelson Middle Todd Virnelson
Newman Elementary Misty Lewin
Nichols Elementary Jennifer Schell
Norris Elementary Laura Newell
Phillips Meredith McBrayer
Pink Misty Lewin
Pioneer Heritage Middle School John Singleton
Purefoy Renee McClure
Reedy High School Anum Jiwani
Riddle Elementary Priscilla Lo
Robertson Tanna Vaughan
Rogers Whitney Baker
Sem Elementary Manda Boroson
Smith Whitney Baker
Sontagg Staci Borynack
Sparks Sabrina Crosland
Staley Middle School Kris Majority
Tadlock Melissa Dinger
Talley Sabrina Crosland
Taylor Deborah Saathoff
Trent Stacy Toma
Vandeventer Jill Leal
Vaughn Melissa Dinger