appraiser registration help

If you did not receive the confirmation email at the end of Part 1, please follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on the Texas DI website.
  • (Please not that the TexasDI website is sometimes temperamental on mobile devices.)
  • Near the top right corner of the page, find the word Appraiser (in blue) and click on it
  • Find the tab marked My Tournaments. Beneath that, click on NEXT Region.
  • On the next page, you'll find the heading: Appraiser Registration for NEXT Tournament - 2017
  • Just beneath that, there are two tabs marked View and Edit. Choose Edit.
  • Make sure you've completed all of the required information.
  • Provide your shirt size. (You get a FREE shirt.)
  • Mark if you are vegetarian. (Vegetarians and omnivores get a FREE lunch.)
  • Keep scrolling.
  • !!! Choose the training you'd like to attend.
  • !!! Choose the team you are representing.
  • !!! Then choose your various preferences:
    • Instant Challenge or Team Challenge
    • Team Challenge preference
    • Preference for appraisal positions
  • In Other Notes, indicate if you are not comfortable communicating in English.
  • Then click Save.

Need more help? Email us at We're happy to help!