Set Up Your Account

This process is completed by the volunteer/appraiser.

  1. To access the link directly click here. *Warning* The TexasDI registration site is not phone-friendly.

  2. Choose “Create new account” OR if you have appraised previously, log in to your existing account.

  3. Fill in all sections with a * (Include an email address that you check regularly. We'll send important info to you.)

  4. Check the Appraiser box

  5. For Region, choose NEXT

  6. Fill in your name and phone number. (Please use the name that you go by in casual settings. We’ll use this for name tags.)

  7. Select your shirt size.

  8. Indicate if you are a vegetarian.

  9. Under Experience, please list preferences for (or experience you’ve had with) particular Challenges

  10. Read the code of conduct.

  11. Accept the terms & conditions and complete CAPTCHA.

  12. Click "Create new account."

  13. A message will come up on the screen. Follow the directions, check your email for a message from, and complete Part 2 >>>>> keep going to Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(Didn't get the confirmation email? Click here for instructions.)

Step 2.png

Indicate Your Preferences


  1. Open the confirmation email (from: and click the link provided

  2. In the new window look for "Finish Registering for the NEXT Regional Tournament" and click on it

  3. Fill in all sections with a *

  4. Select which Training you will attend (only attend one)

  5. Select which Team you are representing

  6. Select your preference for Instant or Team Challenge

  7. Select your Team Challenge Preference (previews here)

  8. Choose "Click to pick Challenge(s) where family members are competing"

  9. Read "click here to see a description of appraisal positions"

  10. Choose your Appraisal Position Preferences

  11. In "Other Notes" indicate if you will have trouble communicating verbally in English, or if you require a gluten free meal

  12. Click Save

  13. Put the training date on your calendar and add to your address book. (Otherwise our emails may end up in your junk folder!)


  1. Log in to your account on the Texas DI website.

  2. Select the blue APPRAISER link (upper right corner) <<< This is important.

  3. Click on the tab marked My Tournaments.

  4. Under that tab click on NEXT Region.

  5. Now click on the Edit tab.

  6. Make any necessary changes:

    • Make sure you've given your shirt size. (You get a FREE shirt.)

    • Mark if you are vegetarian. (Vegetarians and omnivores get a FREE lunch.)

    • Keep scrolling.

    • Choose the training you'd like to attend.

    • Choose the team you are representing.

    • Then choose your various preferences:

      • Instant Challenge or Team Challenge

      • Team Challenge preference

      • Preference for appraisal positions

    • In Other Notes, indicate if you are not comfortable communicating in English.

  7. Click Save.

Appraiser registration status

The teams listed below have either paid the Appraiser Fee or their Appraiser has registered. If your team's appraiser is not listed, please follow the instructions at the top of this page.

Appraisers will be contacted in mid-January regarding their assignments.

Appraiser changes can be made through January 5th. Changes made between January 6th-15th will incur a $50 Change Fee. No Appraiser changes after January 15th.

For questions regarding Appraiser registration email

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