Redeeming a Team Number

Congrats on getting a Destination Imagination team number from your school, PTA, campus coordinator, or other 3rd party!  Don't have one yet? Contact your purchaser/campus coordinator to get your Team Number and Order Number or Zip Code.

You must complete all 3 steps to get your team completely registered before the December 5th Early Bird deadline! 

In this step you will create an account with Destination Imagination International (DII). 

This will also give you access to online Program Materials available through DII.

Click here to create an account. Click on the Welcome tab then choose Create an Account

If you're a returning team manager, you should sign into your existing account and go to step 2. 

You need to associate your name with the Team Number you were given and provide Team information.

Click here. Enter the log-in information from the account you created in Step 1 above. After you log in, click on the Teams tab and choose My Teams. Click on Add Team Manager. Once your Team Information is visible, click on the pencil icon to edit your team information.

For Organization, fill in the school(s) that your team attends. If your team members attend more than 2 schools, list your organization as Independent.

You must choose your team's competition level and select a Challenge in order to preview the full, digital version of a Challenge.

Once your team has made it's final Challenge selection, be sure and update this page and then request printed materials.

The $100 tournament registration deadline is DECEMBER 5th!

In this step you will be registering to participate in the NExT Region Tournament. This is done through the Texas DI website

Click on the red "LOGIN TO TEXAS DI" button.

New Team Managers click on "Create New Account." Returning Team Managers, log in to your existing account.

You can also go directly to the login page by visiting

After you register for the tournament, please ask your volunteer to register as an Appraiser by following these Appraiser Registration Instructions. Appraisers must be registered by January 5th.

Please note: Separate from, and in addition to, the Team Membership fee (paid by self funded teams in Step One), a fee is assessed to participate in the NExT Regional Tournament.  Now until December 5 pay $100. December 6 through January 5 pay $125. After January 5, teams must receive special permission to register and pay $150.

Remember: You are not completely registered until you finish all 3 steps!


Still stuck? You can contact:


John Stromp


Shannon Kennedy